Thursday, August 7, 2008


This is for the life sketch and pictures of the father, LeRoy Junior Davis.

This site belongs to Robin Roy Davis.

The following links lead to life sketches and genealogy for the ancestors of Robin Roy Davis: - 2nd greatgrandfather

The following link gives the family tree for LeRoy Junior Davis:

Notes by Robin Roy Davis:

During his life, LeRoy Junior Davis always went by his middle name, Junior. There was a tradition in his family that the family members would go by their middle name.

Junior's father, Franklin LeRoy Davis, went by the name of Roy Davis.
His brother, James Reid Davis, went by Reid.
His brother, Wayne LaMarr Davis, went by LaMarr.
His brother, David Allen Davis, went by Allen.
His sister, Lenora Joanne Davis, went by Joanne.

His mother's name was Myrtle Reid (maiden name) Davis and she always went by Myrtle.

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